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Motor Ops L5P Tuning *Hardware not in stock

Quick Overview

Stock L5P Power Numbers = 410 RWHP & 860 RWTQ
Tow Tune: +80 RWHP, +140 RWTQ = 490 RWHP & 1,000 RWTQ
Sport Economy Tune: +140 RWHP, +300 RWTQ = 550 RWHP & 1,160 RWTQ
*Race Tune: +190 RWHP +500 RWTQ = 600 RWHP & 1,360 RWTQ
*Race Tune capable of making 625 RWHP with supporting mods

As you can see, the L5P is capable of making some very large torque numbers. Customers should be aware that running the Race tune at almost 1,400 ft. lbs of torque is pushing the factory Allison transmission to its limit. Therefore, we recommend no more than 500 RWHP & 1,000 RWTQ for towing, and 550 RWHP & 1,200 RWTQ for unloaded daily driving.

When a customer purchases L5P tuning we will send out an ECM and TCM that has already been unlocked by HP Tuners, as well as the MPVI2 hardware and CAN Control Harness. The unlocked ECM and TCM will have a factory calibration loaded onto it. Once the unlocked ECM and TCM are installed, we will require a stock read out to be sent back to us. This will allow us to create a custom tune file for the truck. We will provide step by step instructions on the process.

Once we’ve completed writing the tune, we will email the edited file over which will be ready to flash onto the truck using the MPVI2 hardware. We will be providing 2 tune files for each customer. 1 file will have the VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) enabled, while the other will have the VATS disabled. If you load the tune onto the truck with the VATS enabled, it will require a factory VATS relearn. A VATS relearn can be done with select Scan Tools. If you decide to load the VATS off tune file, then you must make your customer aware that the Vehicle Anti Theft System has been disabled.

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